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    I couldn't be happier to have found dentist/office that believes in health being a whole.

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    All You Need to Know About Living With Orthodontic Appliances | Wexford PA

    There are many different orthodontic appliances used to straighten teeth, most of which are designed to minimize their appearance. Modern appliances are smaller and sleeker, and some are virtually invisible, like clear aligners. Your orthodontist will advise you on the best options for your specific needs. Here are some things you can expect during your […]

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    How Dental Implants Work | Wexford PA

    Dental implants are one of the best options to replace one or more missing teeth, with over 98% of patients getting satisfactory results. However, much of this success depends on the patient having enough bone tissue to bond firmly to the implant. If you don’t have enough bone tissue, perhaps due to bone resorption for […]

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    Preparing Yourself for Successful Dental Implants|Wexford PA

    If you considering replacing missing teeth with successful dental implants, it’s recommended that you discuss it carefully with your dentist first. Generally, most patients who are in good general health, with sufficient jawbone to support an implant qualify for this procedure. In fact, oral surgeons require that you either have good bone quality and volume […]

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    Why choose clear aligners therapy? | Wexford, PA

    ClearCorrect is a modern approach to teeth straightening that uses a series of clear, custom, removable aligners to move your teeth just a little bit at a time until they’re properly aligned. The treatment is planned using CAD/CAM technology, which involves the use of an intraoral scanner to create 3D models of your teeth. These […]

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    Improve your Smile With Invisalign

    From mild cases of overcrowded, protruding, or crooked teeth, to much more challenging orthodontic issues involving overbites or underbites, Invisalign has been proved to effectively correct a broad range of orthodontic problems. While there are many treatment options available, Invisalign offers the greatest level of comfort and confidence for teens or adults looking to straighten […]

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    5 Reasons to Choose Implants for Tooth Replacement | Wexford PA

    When it comes to replacing missing or damaged teeth, your dentist may recommend several options, such as dental implants, dentures, or bridgework. While all options help to fill any gaps in your smile and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting, only dental implants replace both the tooth root and the tooth crown. As a result, implants […]

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    What Kind of Toothpaste Do You Use? A Dentists’ Answer

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    Are You Ready for Dental Implants? | Wexford PA

    Dental implants are typically used to replace one tooth, or multiple teeth when combined with dentures or bridgework. If you’re missing one natural tooth, then a single implant will be sufficient. For larger spaces with two or more missing teeth, you don’t need one implant per tooth. Instead, the implants will be appropriately spaced depending […]

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    We Believe In Putting You the Patient First, Insurance Companies Second

    FACT: Some insurance companies inform their subscribers (you the patient) that the doctor’s “fees are above usual and customary fees,” rather than saying “your benefits are low.” Remember, the insurance benefit paid is what your employer paid toward the plan less the insurance company’s profits (which is a lot) and administrative costs. This is the […]

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    How to Prepare for Emergency Dental Treatment

    Any injury or infection that diminishes the integrity of your oral health, making it difficult to eat, sleep, or speak, regardless of the cause, should be handled with prompt, immediate, and professional care from your emergency dentist in Wexford, PA. Every procedure starts with a thorough exam and consultation so you can express all your […]

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    Meet Dr. Pasco

    Dr. Leslie Pasco graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1998. She has been in private practice ever since and is changing the perception of Dentistry through practice management consulting.

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