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So far I’m very happy with your service.


I had not been to a dentist in quite a while. The length of time between visits was because of an experience I had at another place that left me apprehensive. Now that my oldest child of 5 was ready to go to the dentist, my wife researched and they both went to LiveWell Dentistry. My wife had also not been to the dentist in some time.

My wife was very impressed and complementary of the whole experience. I am especially happy that my son did so well at his first visit and he enjoyed it.

Then, it was my turn. Upon entering the building, I noticed the reception was warm and friendly. My cleaning was informative, relaxed, personable and very well done.

I was pleased and thankful for the care given me and the skill involved. I had another visit because I had some decaying fillings that needed to be replaced. I wasn’t sure how that would work, and I was a bit nervous not knowing. Before I had gotten to ask questions, things were already explained to me.

Before I knew it, my old toxic ugly silver amalgam fillings were gone (many from my youth). Easy – wow! They were so gentle, and were truly concerned about if I was in pain or had any discomfort – nope!

I got to see different steps done in the progression of replacing the old fillings with new because I had wondered about it, and they gave me a mirror to see how it looked – neat.

I was asked if I needed a break – no, I was great.

Before long, I had new white fillings (5 total, top and bottom). They were so skillfuly, technically, thoughtfully, cautiously done. They looked like new teeth. It this reads funny, I don’t know.

But I was just happy how great the visit was, being so well cared for.

I was thankful to God because I had prayed about, and thankful to the doctor and assistant for a literally pleasant dental visit; excellent care–that’s why I wrote, then typed this out.


LiveWell Dentistry is a great place to go for all your dental needs. The doctors are very knowledgeable and kind and the assistants and technology are top notch! Best dentist around the Wexford area.


We had a great experience from beginning to end.  I was able to make a same day appointment which was amazing.  I was met with amazingly friendly people at the front desk who were very accommodating.  I had such a great experience with the friendly and professional staff that I decided to bring the kids in for a cleaning as well.  It was great to be able to take the kids to the dentist without a fight.  All I had to do was mention the T.V. and massage chairs.  My daughter even commented on the great atmosphere and friendly people, which means a lot coming from a teenager.


I came to LiveWell Dentistry expecting the worst news. Dr. Pasco and the staff have been awesome! They formulated a gameplan that is saving my permanent teeth. I am so glad I decided to make Dr. Pasco and the LiveWell Team my dental office!


Just awesome!  Best experience ever!


Thorough treatment & nice facility.


I came to this office after a visit to my doctor across the parking lot. Dr. Pasco and the staff have been veryhelpful and have given me excellent service and genuine concern every time I have needed them. I am very happy with LiveWell Dentistry and I expect to be a patient here for a long time.


Dr. Leslie was great.  I was very nervous to have my dental procedure done.  She was very calming and performed my procedure quickly.  I would recommend her to everyone.  THANKS!


I’ve been a patient at LiveWell for some time now and have had some major procedures done but most recently had a cleaning with Laurie–another 5 star experience!  Combining Laurie’s intuitive and soft touch with the massage chair made it feel more like a spa treatment than a trip to the dentist–Thanks Laurie!!


I was afraid to go to the dentist but after coming here I no longer have a fear. Everyone made it a great experience for me.

James S.

Outstanding care.  Received new crown and deep cleaning.  Very positive response to both.  I would highly recommend this practice and all personnel are great.


Why did I wait so long to go to the dentist.

…Best Dentist, Best Office Staff, Best Equipment.

A truly great experience to get me back to a great dental program and healthy teeth.


I never felt as good health wise since I started to come to the dentist and now my food even taste better.  Thanks to LiveWell Dentistry and all the staff.


My experience at LiveWell was like the Disneyland of Dentistry!  I appreciated the online patient history form, the easy x-ray system and the super friendly staff.  I will definitely recommend this practice to my friends.


I came in to see Dr. Pasco for a routine cleaning.  I mentioned that my jaw had been popping and causing me quite a lot of discomfort.  She fit me for an apparatus to wear at night THAT DAY!  When I came to pick it up, I was so pleased at how compact AND affordable it was.                   Thank You for Everything!


I was nervous about removing the old crown when I came in. The doctor was very gentle. Terri was very attentive. I really appreciate how caring both the doctor and Terri were. They put me at ease. And my temporary crown looks a lot better than my previous crown. Thanks!!


The staff have been absolutely wonderful! A complete difference from my previous dentist who treated me like a child; the staff here are smart and very welcoming! I am so glad I changed dentists when I did!


The staff here take careful time to make sure all questions are answered without rushing.  I felt fully cared for and felt very well educated.  Love the heated massage chairs!  Love the toothbrushes.  I can tell that everyone at LiveWell truly loves their job.  Thank You!!


Our family has been coming to LiveWell Dentistry since it opened.  The staff is friendly and professional.  The convenience of the office location is perfect for a family with a busy lifestyle.  Dr. Leslie is knowledgeable and performs only those procedures that are needed.


First, let me say that the whole staff is so nice and welcoming!  They made me feel extremely comfortable and Dr. Pasco met and had a consultation to ease my fears and reviewed my x-rays.  Laurie did my cleaning and she was amazing!  It did not hurt at all and she made sure to get every piece of plaque.  My gums were red and bleeding in some areas when I came in today and now they already feel better!  This was definitely the best dental experience I ever had!

P.S. I loved the chairs 🙂


I had to get 4 teeth pulled today.  I was really scared to get numbed because of the needle that was going into my mouth.  The dentist started numbing me and it didn’t hurt at all!!  Then she had to pull the teeth out and I felt a little pressure, but it didn’t hurt or pinch at all.  The 3 other ones felt the same.  I thought it was going to be really bad and hurt, but turns out it didn’t.  BEST DENTIST EVER!!!


Everyone was wonderful. Made me feel comfortable showed me around even since it was my first visit. Also receptionist was very friendly. The dental hygentist was nice and tried to connect with me on something which made me feel calmer and more relaxed. Doctor Leslie was friendly considerate and genuine. I will definitely recommend my family and friends to go there. Actual I already have. Wonderful dental experience. 10 stars in my book.


I have not been to the dentist in years.  Not like 1 or 2, I am talking many years.  I was very nervous, but as soon as Dr. Leslie started explaining everything, I was put to ease.  She made a plan of what I needed done and it was easy.  Everyone here is so nice.  I am no longer scared to go to the dentist.  I feel like a new woman!


I was able to get my cavity filled without anesthetic. That was helpful bcause I don’t like needles. The proedure was easy and they did a great job.


Laurie was excellent.  She kept me laughing the whole time.


I just wanted to say that my experience was fantastic when I came for my first appointment the other week. I am typically nervous when going to the dentist and the moment I walked in, the music, colors and welcoming receptionist helped calm my nerves. Terra was very friendly and helpful both checking me in and out. My dental hygienist was friendly to the point we made a connection on weight loss and going back to school. She was also very thorough in my cleaning and explaining things to Dr. Leslie. Then Dr. Leslie herself was super nice, smiling and listening to everything I had to say. My entire experience was fantastic. I am recommending all my family members come and experience the great customer service and friendliness I experienced. Thank you.”



My experience at LiveWell was painless and fun- great staff and got to watch television during my treatment.  I will tell my friends and family about LiveWell and make sure they come here to have the same wonderful experience I had.


Good dentist. Very thorough on cleaning. Nice atmosphere, staff, and equipment.


My kids & I had a great experience on our first visit to the dentist here in PA.  I was greeted with two friendly smiling faces and a warm welcome as soon as I walked in the door.  They were genuinely interested in the conversations about various topics including moving, kids, school systems, dental care, etc.  Everyone in the whole office was very easy to talk to and we all felt very comfortable.  The office staff including the front office personnel were very knowledgeable and helpful.

P.S. The kids said “That place was awesome!!  We love the people, the cool toothbrushes in the bathroom & chapsticks”


I couldn’t be happier to have found dentist/office that believes in health being a whole. A happy, healthy smile also comes from the root–our healthy gums.


Thank you for recommending the nose cones for me!!  I have been sleeping better and my wife is happier since it has helped with my snoring!  Thanks Again!!


I received a shot of Novocaine and it was painless compared to other dental experiences……highly recommend LiveWell Dentistry in Wexford. Very friendly staff. All around great service. C.N. 8/14/14

I recently had a terrible mouth situation, so I stopped in to LiveWell Dentistry to seek help. Three weeks later my mouth and teeth look brand new!

These ladies are absolutely fantastic and very warm and friendly. I have always despised the dentist, but the ladies here gave me a whole new perception of the dentist.

They are all so sweet and caring and just awesome ladies. I couldn’t be more excited about the transformation they did to my teeth. They gave me my confidence and my smile back. The work they did by no means was easy because my teeth were jacked up, and they were able to make my teeth look brand new again which I never thought was obtainable.

If you need any work done, I highly recommend LiveWell Dentistry. They are fabulous and gentle and very likable, and they also know what they are doing. They changed my life around and gave me a newfound confidence in myself because of what they were able to do. Thank you so much! You are the best.

Deacon J.

After years of looking for a dentist that listens to me, talks to me, and explains everything, I finally found “her”. The office is comfortable, open, friendly, and makes you want to come back. Oh yes, did I mention my teeth are beautifully white? Problems I had with my teeth were fixed and I didn’t even know they had given me the novocaine shot yet.


I never look forward to a dental appointment. I even came up with an excuse to not complete a tedious dental implant procedure for 4 years until I ran into Dr. Leslie Pasco and the team. Her professional skills and awesome bedside manner finally helped me to overcome my fears. I completed my long-overdue procedure and I have a confident smile now. Wexford is fortunate to have Dr. Pasco and her team.


I have never felt more comfortable at a dentist office. With all the amenities to watching tv, a massage chair and always friendly smiles. Dr. Leslie is so kind and cares about me and makes me feel comfortable. Every time i walk in in im greeted by name. Gary, Melissa, Tara. Tara has recently started with this office and a wonderful asset. I feel like family when i walk in Who does these type of things anymore. Kudos to Dr. Leslie and her team.


Recently I had a tooth that had a missing filling totally break while chewing on a piece of pizza that left only the bottom of the tooth and the roots left.  I’ve always had a fear of going to the dentist, but knew that I had to get this tooth checked out.  Around the same time I had received a postcard in the mail for a free consultation at LiveWell Dentistry, so I decided to take advantage and see what could be done.  I was initially impressed by the friendly and welcoming staff that treated me like I was someone special and not just any old patient that walks through the door.

During the consultation, Dr. Pasco took my blood pressure and discovered that my blood pressure was alarmingly high. While it was evident that my tooth needed some attention, she advised me that I should see my doctor immediately because my blood pressure was so alarmingly high. I was able to see my doctor the next morning and was admitted to the hospital for a battery of tests. There it was discovered that I also had to have coronary bypass surgery.

Not only have Doctor Pasco and her staff taken away my fear of going to the dentist, she probably saved me from having a heart attack and I had more issues than just a bad tooth. I highly recommend LiveWell Dentistry for the best in dental health and concern for overall health.


Great experience! Staff were all very nice and I can’t wait to come back!


I liked my visit today. I liked watching TV while my teeth were being cleaned.


I’ve got nothing but amazing things to say about LiveWell Dentistry! Let’s just say I’m no stranger to dental work unfortunately, but more importantly, our daughter will need a dentist soon so finding a dentist we can trust was imperative.

From the office staff, to the assistants, all the way to Dr. Leslie, everyone is pleasant & knowledgeable. They addressed an issue with work done by another dentist that if left alone any longer would have cost me both my money for a previous procedure & the crown that went along with it, leaving me without a tooth.

They also listened to me when describing pain I was feeling in another tooth & found a fix for it. Both of the problems were presented to other dentists & none of them properly addressed my concerns, which is why I was on the lookout for a new place, and I’m happy I found LiveWell Dentistry.

Beyond the dental side of it, they were always friendly, patient and helpful when I brought my baby in, which won me over even more.

Five stars all the way!


Fantastic experience. Friendly and caring staff. Highly recommended to anyone who is seeking dental care.


I chewed tobacco for many years. I neglected my teeth. Due to my inability to quit chewing tobacco, I was embarrassed to return to my old dentist. I am so happy I chose Dr. Pasco. She was able to repair four badly decayed teeth and restore them to their original natural appearance. Dr. Pasco un-did my years of neglect in one visit. Her excellent staff gave me thorough education on how to maintain this new found healthy smile.
Thanks again to the entire staff – also for making it painless.
* * * * * Five Stars!

Mark E.

LiveWell Dentistry has been by far the best dental experience I’ve had. The staff is friendly and comforting. Dr. Leslie does outstanding dental work. I would highly recommend this office the everyone.


I had Laurie as my dental hygienist today and she did a very nice job.  I enjoyed my first time here.  LiveWell has a heated massage chair while your getting cleaned.  They also have tv that can be watched.  The people here are so chill and laid back.


Wonderful facility, staff, and doctor.  They always go above and beyond to help you and your family have a great experience.  Top notch best of class service 24/7/365.  The Doctor even goes as far as being available after hours when needed.  The team that supports her is thoughtful, kind, and love what they do.  Wonderful all around and we will use them for all of our family needs.


I came to LiveWell Dentistry after a bad experience at another dental practice. I immediately felt at ease with Dr. Pasco and her wonderful staff. She was friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate about the problems I had experienced. In just a couple of visits, she corrected the work that had been done, and I am relieved that all is well now. I highly recommend this practice especially to those with past bad dental experiences.

The office is beautiful with heated/massage dental chairs!

I have complete confidence in Dr. Pasco and feel that she is a professional with honesty and integrity. Much thanks to her and her kind and friendly staff!


I very much enjoyed my first visit! The genuine warmth, smiles and personal attention were very much appreciated. The results of my care were outstanding … skilled exam and cleaning, recommendations for improved oral well being, product offerings…very impressive (and no pain)! As a new member to the community, I look forward to sharing this experience and recommending LiveWell Dentistry.


Fantastic experience, friendly and caring staff. Highly recommended to anyone who is seeking dental care.


I love the whole family at Live Well Dental and feel lucky to be one of your clients.


After 4 years of avoiding the dentist due to fear, I finally agree to visit Dr. Leslie as my family and friends were concerned. From my first visit, the entire staff treated me with kindness, respect and generosity of time and patience. Now that I am back to a healthy state I am so pleased and relieved and would recommend Dr. Leslie and staff to all.


I arrived witha lot of apprehension. Everybody here is so nice, I was immediately put at ease. After years away from the dentist, it’s good to be back.


Meet Dr. Pasco

Dr. Leslie Pasco graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine in 1998. She has been in private practice ever since and is changing the perception of Dentistry through practice management consulting.

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Not only have Doctor Pasco and her staff taken away my fear of going to the dentist, she probably saved me from having a heart attack as I had more issues than just a bad tooth.