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5 Things You Should Know about Dental Bridgework in Wexford PA

dental bridgework wexford

Dental bridgework in Wexford is a common, affordable, low-risk, and proven treatment for one or more missing teeth. The word “bridge” is used because the replacement tooth (pontic) literally bridges the gap between your teeth, and is supported by the adjacent tooth on either side of the space.

Here are some other facts about dental bridgework in Wexford:

  • Dental bridges can be fabricated from different types of materials, including porcelain, gold, and metal alloys. Tooth-colored porcelain is the most common material of choice, especially for replacing front teeth, because of the strong and aesthetic result. 
  • The false tooth is designed to have a similar form (shape, size, and shade) to that of the missing natural tooth. The crowns attached to the pontic help to hold the replacement tooth firmly in the right place. These crowns can be attached to either the adjacent healthy, natural teeth or by dental implants if the gap is caused by several missing teeth. 
  • There are different types of dental bridges, though the most common one comprises a pontic that is attached to abutment crowns on each side. These crowns are bonded to the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap, forming a permanent tooth restoration. 
  • Traditional permanent bridges can be used in any position in your mouth, including missing molars, provided you have strong adjacent teeth on both sides of the gap. Moreover, this approach can be used to replace up to 6 missing teeth using 6-unit bridgework. 
  • If you’ve lost multiple teeth in a row, then implant-supported bridges can help to stabilize the bridgework. The pontics are secured to one or more implant-supported crowns spread across the gap, giving you a restoration that is just as strong as if the bridgework were anchored to your natural teeth. 

With proper oral hygiene, your dental bridgework should last for seven to ten years or even longer. Please consult your dentist in Wexford to learn more about dental bridgework and your suitability for the procedure. 

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