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Tooth Implant Process in Wexford PA

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What tests are carried out during dental implant consultation?

1. Physical examination – The dentist will physically examine the gap in your mouth where you’re planning to get a dental implant placed

2. Digital imaging – X-rays, CT scans, and/or panoramic films are required to assess the quality and quantity of jawbone 

3. Medical history review – Your dentist will also review your medical history by assessing any infections, allergies, bleeding disorders, existing medical conditions, and medications before proceeding with the treatment. 

How do you manage pain during the procedure?

During all your surgical procedure appointments, the dental surgeon will administer a local anesthetic to numb the surgical site, as well as any sedatives that you may require to calm your anxiety and make you comfortable. 

Can I switch from another tooth replacement to dental implants?

The other tooth replacement options are dental bridgework and removable dentures. Dental bridgework is a permanent restoration that should serve you satisfactorily for many years. But if your removable dentures keep slipping due to a poor fit, then you may consider getting implant-supported dentures to improve their stability. 

If the implant site has signs of bone loss after tooth extraction, your dentist may recommend bone grafting to build up the bone tissue and achieve a solid base to support the implant. If grafting is to be done in the upper jaw at the back where the sinus cavity is located, the procedure is known as sinus augmentation. Bone grafting takes 2-6 months to heal before you can proceed with implant placement. 

Can problems occur during implant placement?

The 98% success rate of dental implants is attributed to careful planning, which involves making sure that the patient is healthy enough to undergo dental surgery and heal and recover properly. But whenever a surgical procedure is involved, there is always an element of risk and potential complications to the success of the treatment or the patient. Your dentist will work with you to ensure a safe and successful procedure. 

For more information on dental implants in Wexford PA and to find out the cost of your individual treatment, please contact us today. 

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